Harvard professor praises China’s soft power

The Center for Strategic and International Studies, a US think tank, recently released a report on China’s soft power. Soft power is obtaining what you want through co-option and attraction rather than coercion and payment. The theory was developed by Harvard Joseph Nye who speaks highly of China’s development of its soft power.

Professor Joseph Nye says the growth of China’s soft power in recent years is impressive. He says a further increase of the country’s use of soft power requires continued and enhanced opening to the outside world and integration into the global system.

This March, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, released a report on how China has developed its soft power in recent years. Joseph Nye, a co-founder of the think tank believes the US should draw some inspirations from China’s remarkable progress in the area. He expects greater development of soft power in China as the country carries on with the Harmonious Society strategy.

Source : CCTV


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